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We moved into The Village at Harmony Crossing in 2004 from a location on Harmony Road. Since that time, our business has grown at least five-fold. We could not be happier with the location and the visibility of our store. There’s no better place for a retailer to be in the Lake Oconee area!
Mike Blanton
Dalton Carpet One

Being in The Village at Harmony Crossing has been essential to the success of Spa & Patio Center of Lake Oconee, Inc.  As a business owner and operator, I appreciate the traffic flow that the shopping center affords.  The “accidental” traffic we receive from Harmony Crossing shoppers coming for a Salon Treatment or Clothing & Accessories, etc at other merchants in the shopping center is a great asset to our sales.  At the same time, we appreciate hearing other merchants tell us how their customer “just came to Spa & Patio Center to pick up some chemicals”, and ended up shopping in their store and purchasing materials and services.
The various events at the Village at Harmony Crossing do an UNBELIEVEABLE job at bringing past, current, and future customers into the shopping center.  Patrons come to see live bands, let their kids play in the inflatable jump house, check out a car show, or just to enjoy a night of free entertainment.  The “Farmer’s Market” is a great hit on Saturday mornings.  The Village of Lights Festival in November of 2011 brought more customers into my store than I have ever had in a single evening.  Every event at the “Village” brings in hundreds if not thousands of potential customers.  The Village of Harmony Crossing Merchants Association really works hard at planning fun and exciting events.

Mason Third
Spa & Patio Center of Lake Oconee, Inc.

The Village at Harmony Crossing is and has always been the best place for a business to operate.  The First Friday Event is very popular with my clients, as it is a family affair, for Christine’s it generates great sales and more new customers. I have grown every year, December 23rd 2011 was the best day I have ever recorded in the history of Christine’s I opened in Conyers May 18th 1984.  I look forward to a prosperous 2012.
Christine Bowman
Owner, Christine’s Jewelers

As building owners and business owners from inception through today, we bring a unique perspective to our views regarding The Village at Harmony Crossing.  As POA members we benefit from the broad experience, diverse skills, and keen interest of our fellow POA members.  Each of us has a significant stake in the long term success of our Center, and we plan to continue to strive to meet that goal.  As Business owners of Oconee Interiors, and The Kitchen Store & More, we feel we have a superb location and a unique Center layout that lends itself to shoppers with more than one destination location in mind.  Our business has been operating successfully since the opening of the center.  We believe it is a wonderful location for serious minded business people.  We’d love to see even more great businesses and restaurants come to our center.
Emilio Alea
Owner, Oconee Interiors and The Kitchen Store & More